Donate to the Block

Huge Fan

  • You love what we do so much that you want to donate to the Block? Fantastic!

Confused, but Loyal Friend

  • You have no idea what we actually do, but a friend peer-pressured you into donating? We'll take it!  (For the record, we run an awesome non-profit, dance-based community center in Boulder, CO. Because we cater mostly to Hip Hop, we're able to cross a lot of economic, cultural and racial boundaries. By opening our doors to the public for a variety of free activities, including annual events, weekly practice sessions, social and cultural gathers, and offering mentoring and internship opportunities, we have helped a number of minorities and at-risk youth navigate the pitfalls of adolescence, find cultural acceptance and reach graduation day. Many of them assure us that without the support of our community, they would not be where they are today.)


  • You randomly found us on the internet and are now want to come hang out with us every week? Come through! We host a free community dinner at the Block every Friday night. Unless it's gorgeous outside, then you'll most likely find us BBQ'ing in North Boulder Park.