sarah touslee

Sarah Touslee, aka Towel, believes everyone has the power within to express themselves through movement and should be given the opportunity and the tools to do so. Her teaching style is the result of combining her training in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, and Jazz with her practices in mindfulness and meditation. She is dedicated to cultivating a space that welcomes all types of movers, no matter their preferred style or background. Sarah is the Founder & Director of Backbone & Co., a production collective which provides a platform for dancers and artists to develop their voice and use it loudly and confidently through collaborations in performance and film.

A Colorado native, Sarah grew up in the Denver competition studio scene, starting at the age of three. In 2010, while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, Sarah was introduced to the Colorado Hip Hop community and was forever changed. Her understanding of dance, community, and self-expression was transformed and expanded by her understanding of the history of the culture and the power and importance it holds in today's society. Since graduating with a BFA in Studio Art in 2014, Sarah has dedicated herself to supporting and cultivating the greater Colorado Hip Hop and dance community.